Sustainability & Purpose Mapping Report

We recently conducted a purpose and sustainability survey with our stakeholders (candidates, clients, charity partners and network connections).

We decided to initiate the survey to help us understand what our stakeholders thought about purpose and sustainability, what were their priorities and how did they align to our thinking. Working with Prosperah (a company helping businesses to unleash their greater purpose through the SDGs), we:

  1. Collated the survey responses
  2. Completed our own business priority questionnaire (before we saw our stakeholder results)
  3. Identified 5 (very high / high) priorities where our priorities matched
  4. Categorised the priorities into People, Planet and Prosperity
  5. Identified the relevant UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) (see image)

It was really encouraging to identify 5 matched priorities (see image) and it has given us a real sense of connectivity to our stakeholders.

We’ll take what we’ve learned, define our strategy and develop a set of measures to demonstrate how Encore Recruitment is doing business for good as well as profit.

It’s going to be an interesting journey! We’ll keep you updated.

Here is our Purpose Mapping Report. Ask us if you want to know more about our results or contact Alice Troiano (LinkedIn profile) if you want to know more about Prosperah


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